“White Rabbit” HD FLAC Single (96kHz/24bit)
Molly Tuttle

“White Rabbit” HD FLAC Single (96kHz/24bit)

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“I have loved the story of Alice in Wonderland since I read the book as a kid and played the Queen of Hearts in my school play,” singer, songwriter, and guitar player Molly Tuttle says of her and her band Golden Highway's take on Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 hit “White Rabbit.” “Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane is from Palo Alto, CA, just like me, and this song gives me the nostalgic feeling of growing up, but recording it also pushed my band forward into new territory musically. This is the first song I have arranged, produced and recorded from the ground up with the band members that I've been on the road with all year. Each band member brought ideas to the table, making this a truly collaborative effort.”