The Blue Hour CD + MP3 Bundle

The Blue Hour CD + MP3 Bundle

  • Pre-order Released on: 10/14/2022

Bundle includes:

• "No. 36, We are as paper" Free MP3 Single

• "No. 26, Poppy seed" Free MP3 Single

• "No. 11, Firmament" Free MP3 Single

• "No. 9, Early summer's green plums" Free MP3 Single

• "No. 3, A black map" Free MP3 Single

• The Blue Hour CD (Pre-order)

• The Blue Hour Free MP3 Album (Pre-order)

The Blue Hour is a song cycle born of a collaboration among five composers—Rachel Grimes, Angélica Negrón, Shara Nova, Caroline Shaw, and Sarah Kirkland Snider—commissioned and performed by the chamber orchestra A Far Cry, who are joined by singer Shara Nova. Set to excerpts from Carolyn Forché’s epic poem On Earth, the music follows one woman’s journey through the liminal space between life and death via thousands of hallucinatory and non-linear images. Exploring memories of childhood, war, love, and loss, The Blue Hour amplifies the beauty, pain, and fragility of human life from a collective female perspective.