Scheherazade.2 Digital HD FLAC Album (96kHz/24bit)
John Adams

Scheherazade.2 Digital HD FLAC Album (96kHz/24bit)

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John Adams's dramatic symphony Scheherazade.2 imagines a modern day Scheherazade, an ""empowered, liberated spirit embodied in the multifaceted solo violin role,"" he says. His ""cinematic music goes a long way in unfolding a potent drama, masterfully illuminated by conductor David Robertson and the St. Louis Symphony,"" says NPR. ""The fierceness and vulnerability [violinist] Leila Josefowicz expresses contributes to an award-caliber performance."" Scheherazade.2 ""sets a whole new standard for narrative and theatrical vibrancy,"" exclaims the San Francisco Chronicle.