Ki moun ou ye HD FLAC Album (96kHz/24bit)
Nathalie Joachim

Ki moun ou ye HD FLAC Album (96kHz/24bit)

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"On Ki moun ou ye, Nathalie Joachim takes listeners through an intimate collection of music that ponders its title’s question: “Who are you?” Inspired by the remote Caribbean farmland that her family continues to call home after seven generations, the album travels deeper into the Haitian heritage introduced on Joachim’s Grammy-nominated Fanm d’Ayiti. Performed in both English and Haitian Kreyòl, the immersive work examines the richness of one’s voice—an instrument that brings with it DNA, ancestry, and identity—in a vibrant tapestry of Joachim’s voice, and intricate electronically sampled vocal textures underscored by an acoustic instrumental ensemble. Ki moun ou ye draws upon the voice’s historic and ongoing role as a tool for survival, healing, preservation of self, fellowship, and an affirmation of freedom."