Grown Backwards 2LP + MP3 Bundle
David Byrne

Grown Backwards 2LP + MP3 Bundle

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• Grown Backwards Free Digital MP3 Album

• Grown Backwards 2LP

The double-vinyl edition of David Byrne's Nonesuch debut album, Grown Backwards, first released on the album's 15th anniversary in 2019, comprises the original album plus six additional tracks, including a duet with Caetano Veloso on their song "Dreamworld." It's "one of Byrne's most rewarding experiments yet," says the Guardian. "It fits alongside the best of his career and adds another solid release to a solo catalog which will hopefully become more cherished in time," said Pitchfork in 2004. "In 20 years, as we straighten our faces with botulism, braces, and stem cells, the album will stand up."